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Transmitting Heading Devices - CY-LJ18
 - CY-LJ18
Product name: Transmitting Heading Devices
Product model: CY-LJ18
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CY-LJ18 conform to the requirement of CCS, output sign conform to the standard IEC61162-1(compatible NMEA018), supply to Radar, Auto pilot etc. highly integrated, small size, high precision, the defect rate does not exceed 1°, Show the course with three-digit numeral. Install convenient, overcome all such shortcomings of ordinary earth induction compass converter must install in the surface of compass. direct-viewing and more convenient to view the course.

Working temperature:-20~+55℃
Storage temperature:-45~+85℃
Power dissipation:< 0.5W
Output statement:---IEC61162-1 Standard statement (compatible NMEA018)